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ben tikvah notes (son of hope)

notes on troubles

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Full of Troubles
For my soul is full of troubles--- Psalm 88:3
                                                                   by  david berkowitz

     The Lord is merciful.  His ear is attentive to my cries and pleadings.  He knows my steps, and He knows my pain.  The Lord even collects my tears.
     I am fully confident, therefore, that God hears when I call.  But for prolonged seasons no answers come.  He remains willfully silent.  I assume, however, that this happens so my faith can grow and I could learn to trust Him more.
     And oftentimes the Lord allows me to experience weakness.  My body and spirit become weary and drained.   Yet somehow He gives me enough strength to make it through another day.
     Then there are periods when my heart groans within.  Nevertheless I still manage to smile.
     Moreover, waves of afflictions pass over me regularly.  Yet I have never drowned.
     For I know with a certainty that a day is coming when I shall be home.  I will stand before my Creator.  Like Job has said, "I shall see Him face to face."  And I'll be in His presence forever, my sojourn on earth done.
                                                   David Berkowitz
                                                    June 8, 2005
(c)  2005  David Berkowitz

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