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ben tikvah notes (son of hope)

notes on Showing Strength

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Showing  Strength
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  
   Philippians   4:13                            
                                                              by  david berkowitz                    

     This morning I stood before my congregation and loudly proclaimed the goodness, mercy and faithfulness of the Lord.  I am not ashamed to call Jesus my Messiah and the King of my life.
     I know the men were watching me closely ever since yesterday's media attack.  I must admit that I am in great inner anguish at the lies and disgusting things that have been said.  Nevertheless I live by God's strength and by faith in His Word.  His precious promises are true, and they cannot fail.
     Furthermore, a number of the men in my fellowship have told me that they've been praying for me.  The fact that I continue to press on gives them the strength and encouragement to do likewise.  These brothers know at least some of what I have to endure because of the periodic media attacks that come my way.
     So they reason within their own minds that if David could endure his trials, and if he could remain faithful to God, then so could we.
     Because I am a living spectacle and an open book before the church and the world, I cannot afford to lose faith or quit.
     For the Christian there is no reverse gear built inside us.  We have been made to go forward.
                                                  David  Berkowitz
                                                   June 5, 2005
(c)2005 David Berkowitz

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