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ben tikvah notes (son of hope)

notes on being hated

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notes on being hated
                                                     by david berkowitz 

        Over the years I've always found it to be a difficult task (in a sense)   to share my faith and my testimony with a  "hostile to Jesus Christ"  and a  "skeptical to whatever David Berkowitz has to say"  media.
     My fellow Christians probably have no idea what it's like trying to talk about God and His goodness before an audience of people who, behind their smiles and nods, hold me in contempt because of my criminal past, who see me through the eyes of both morbid curiosity and disgust.
     I can take comfort, however, in knowing that my Lord (who was without sin and who did no wrong, ever) had to look into those same kinds of faces, and see the same hostile, skeptical and despising looks.
     It is one thing to share a "testimony" inside of a church where, obviously, a majority of the people are happy and eager to hear it.  They may even give many hearty "Amens" in appreciation.
     But it's quite another thing to have to tell the story of one's salvation and deliverance before a group of people who shake their heads in disbelief and who, in their minds, doubt everything I say.
                                                           David Berkowitz

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