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ben tikvah notes (son of hope)

notes on God's Surprise

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Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths
drop fatness.   Psalm 65:11
                                                                 by david berkowitz

       God is full of surprises.   Lately I've been weary because of the various difficulties I've had to encounter, as well as by my concerns for the church.  Yet in the midst of these challenging situations the members of my congregation's choir decided to throw a surprise birthday party for me.
     As a rule we prisoners do not celebrate birthdays.  But earlier today I was asked by the choir's director to please come to the area where the choir  conducts its practice.  So at 6:20 this evening I secured permission and made my way to the opposite end of the prison to attend their session.  They meet every Friday in an unoccupied classroom in the school area.
     As I was walking to the school area, however, I was thinking that they probably had some kind of problem that needed to be addressed.
     Not so.  When I entered the room I was met by eight members of the group who promptly began to sing happy birthday.  I was red-faced.  I turned fifty-two a few days ago.
     We then ate a small but simple meal they had prepared in advance, and we drank bottled water.
     I had no idea the choir was going to do this.  They were showing me their brotherly love and gratitude, and I am so grateful.
       Tonight's little party was a wonderful respite from the storms that are going on in my life at present.  This to me was yet another token of God's goodness to His children.  I am blessed!
                                                        David Berkowitz
                                                        June 3, 2005
(c)2005  David Berkowitz

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