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ben tikvah notes (son of hope)

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son  of  sam
son   of   hope
david  berkowitz
the  monster is  dead
In  1977-78, New York was terrorized by a monster in the dark.  Six people were dead and seven were injured, before the nightmare came to an end with the capture of the gunman, who had written taunting letters to the police, calling himself the
"Son of Sam".  He was sentenced to six consecutive life terms in prison.
     It turned out the gunman, who was also known as the " 44 caliber killer"  was a troubled young man who had been drawn into a cult of satan worshippers.
     He spent several months in prison psychiatric facilities.  Then he spent ten years just surviving from day to day in New York's maximum security prison system.
     Then he began to read the Psalms.  He read the verse that says, "this poor man cried, and the Lord delivered him out of all his troubles".  He read the verse that said, "my cry came before
the Lord, even into His ears."  The God of heaven that he had
been angry at all his life, called to David's cold, stony, demon-ridden heart.   All alone, near midnight, in his lonely prison cell, David Berkowitz got down on his knees and poured his heart out to Jesus.  He let his heart be melted by the power of Jesus' love and forgiveness, and the chains the devil had on his mind were
shattered, and David felt the peace of a new mind, and a forgiven soul.
     Since 1987, David Berkowitz has lived the life of a dedicated servant of Jesus Christ.  He knows he will never get out of prison.  Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.  But the Lord has blessed and annointed David Berkowitz, even as he      lives out his life sentence behind prison walls.
     As his crimes are known around the world, so now is the glorious hand of Jesus Christ in his life, known around the world.
Just like the Gadarene demoniac who was so full of demons, that he cried out, "my name is Legion, for we are many",  David Berkowitz is now "clothed, and in his right mind". 
     A few years ago, he started writing notes about life in prison, and the things he has learned about serving Jesus, even in a hard place, like a maximum security prison.
     This site offers the reader some of those notes.
     When he served the devil, he called himself the "son of sam".
The name has come to mean mindless terror and violence.
     When he came to Jesus, he began to call himself  "son of hope".
     There is a beautiful Hebrew word that means "son of hope".
     "Ben Tikvah".  We gratefully present to the reader the notes
written in prison from the reborn heart of a man who was once chained under the basement floor of Hell, but is now walking in
newness of life with the King of Kings.  "ben tikvah notes".
    - with David Berkowitz

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