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The Truth Will Set You Free

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The Truth will Set You Free
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          The Bible says Jesus was the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.
           How did He do that?
           He took our punishment.  The wages of sin is death.
           He did the dying.  He poured out His life's Blood on the
cross of Calvary.   He took 100%  of the punishment of 100% of your sins.   He became your substitute.
          He does not have to die again.  He said on the cross,
                                      IT IS FINISHED!
    That means you do not have to punish yourself for your sins.   You do not have to suffer in a temporary hell for your
sins after you die.
      There is no such thing as an imperfect cleansing from sin.
       There is no such thing as a incomplete forgiveness for sin.
       You are forgiven of all of your sins or you are forgiven of none of them.
       You do not owe God a co-payment .  He paid the full price.
        All you have to do is repent.  Look yourself in the eye and see that you have sinned, and come short of the glory of God and His perfection.  Tell Jesus directly, your heart to His heart, that you are sorry for your sins, and would like to be forgiven and cleansed from them, and walk in the newness of life that He promised. and gain eternal life in Heaven when you die.
       It is as simple as that.  It is a difficult as that.  The hard part is you, in your own soul, don't want to give up your right  to be your own boss.   You want to keep your sin and be in charge and have life your own way.
     But Jesus said if you don't have His life in you, you do not have eternal life in you.
      He took your sins in His own body on the cross, and died  your death.   He asks that you receive His life.
      This is a contract of the heart, between your Soul and Jesus HImself.  No church ceremony can do it for you.  No Christian denomination can do it for you.  No preacher or priest can get it for you.  It is you who must come to Him with your heart open to receive His forgiveness and newness of life.  Do it now.  Today is the day of salvation.  Now is the accepted time.

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