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 The Man Who Threw Himself Away
     You have just read an astounding true story of how one man threw his life away to the Devil himself.  It began with mental and emotional problems early in life, and proceeded to getting involved with the occult, and then to worshipping the devil, and all the dark evil that that brings to the soul and the mind and the body.   He became the devil's plaything.    His soul was  chained under the third basement floor of Hell, and when the devil sent him out to kill, he went out to kill.  
     The ancient Druids worshipped a monster from Hell called Samhain.  At Halloween, there is still worship offerred to this
demon.  David Berkowitz found himself driven and ordered around and tormented by this " Samhain".  So he called himself the " Son of Sam" .  "I didn't hate those people! "  he shouted at the psychiatrist who questioned him.  "Who were those people to me?   Sam did it through me!   I did it for him!  For blood!"
     David Berkowitz languished in prison for ten long years, his life and his mind thrown away on the devil's trash heap.
     Then one day the Light of the Word of God entered his soul.
"This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and delivered him from all his troubles."
     There in that lonely cell, he cried to Jesus to forgive him and clean him up.
     And Jesus did.  You have just read his testimony of the Lord"s great deliverance.
     David had thrown himself away to the devil, and the devil had left him on the trash heap of Hell.
     But then David threw himself away again.  He gave up.  He gave up his own will, his own way, his own trying to do things in his own strength. He gave up his sin.
     Jesus said, anyone who is willing to lose his life shall find it.
So David gave up his old, sin ridden, demon-twisted soul.  He threw it away.  He threw it to Jesus.  And Jesus gave him back a brand new soul, clean, washed pure and forgiven by the  blood that Jesus shed on the cross of Calvary.
     This promise is to everyone who will believe and receive.
Are you hanging on to a self--a soul, that is all twisted with sin and self righteousness and battered by the devil?  Do like David Berkowitz did.  Throw yourself away.  Throw yourself into the loving, everlasting Arms of Jesus Christ.   Jesus promised, BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.
     The astounding life of David Berkowitz underlines the power  and the meaning of Jesus' words.  They are the promise to you, too, if you will, throw it all away to Jesus, like David did in his lonely prison cell. 

Behold, Jesus makes all things new!

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